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How To Reborn Book II by Master Stephanie Sullivan I ART REBORN ULTRA NEWBORN DVD - CASSIE BRACE Painting Jars A to Z Course_empty
"The Art and Magic of Reborning II-

New and Updated version of my first tutorial book, The Art and Magic of Reborning.  It's a comprehensive and up to date reborning Tutorial with even more full color photos covering every topic from the history of reborning; reborning vs newborning (kits) to creating amazingly realistic looking baby skin on vinyl using Genesis Heatset Paints and my own specially developed techniques.  Learn how to mix paint colors and correct off-color vinyl; build up layers using sponges & brushes; use the BerryMaker tool, ultra-micro-rooting hair and eyelashes, Painted Hair, and so much more!  It's got MORE Special Effects and new Techniques throughout.

Instructional DVD to learn Ultra Newborn Painting by Cassie Brace

Hi, Cassie here,

Thank you for your interest in my Brand New DVD.
I have been reborning for almost 6 years and I enjoy very moment of creating, I also own a Reborn Doll kit and Supplies Company in the UK, I Art Reborn which keeps me equally busy!
I love to teach, the art of reborning in particular and I have created this DVD with both the beginner and advanced reborner in mind with clear and easy steps to follow.
In this DVD I will be demonstrating how I paint the skin tones of a perfectly 'imperfect' newborn baby. Newborns my favourite babies of all to paint! And the sculpt I have used is the gorgeous kit Everleigh by Laura Lee Eagles. There are 10 Chapters in the DVD and it runs 2.5 hours long! The technique you will be taught is different from other DVDs, in this DVD I focus on my own techniques to produce Clean and Translucent skin tones. The DVD is professional made, with clear micro close ups and thorough steps and instructions.

I hope you will enjoy watching and learning from this tutorial DVD, it has been created using my most up to date techniques and methods, you get to see exactly how I paint a Newborn baby from start to finish.

There are many layers that go into creating a realistic Newborn baby skin tone with plenty of and incredibly intricate details for Ultra Realism... but you can do it too! And the end results are only a matter of a few days away!
By following this DVD, you will be sure to create an irresistibly real Newborn baby of your very own.
Enjoy the twists and turns of my Brand New DVD and you will be amazed as your blank doll kit comes to life before your very eyes!


INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please note: All of the PLBD and I ART REBORN DVD's are fomatted in PAL. The USA uses NTSC and some DVD players and Televisions will not play the DVD's. The majority of TV and DVD players are now automatically programmed to switch formats, and so will not have a problem playing the DVD's, although we cannot guarantee that these DVDs will work with your TV/DVD player. You should be able to play your DVD's on your computer, through an Xbox/ PlayStation or if you have a DVD player that plays DIVX. We are not able to offer a refund on a purchased DVD if it cannot be played, so please bare this in mind before purchasing. All sales are final and NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED FOR DVDS YOU ARE UNABLE TO PLAY ON YOUR CHOSEN SYSTEM
Set of 4 Glass Jars, 5 oz each
(as shown in the A to Z reborn course from Shaylen Maxwell)