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Ultra Preemie Diaper Preemie Diaper Magnets
Preemie Diaper
Price: $1.99
Price: $3.00
Ultra Preemie Diaper

Size 2-4 lbs
Ultra Preemie Diaper

Size 4-6 lbs
Magnets 3/8 x 1/8
Great for pacifiers, hair bows and more!
Package of 4 magnets
Cable Tie Clippers E6000 Glue Painting Jars A to Z Course_empty
E6000 Glue
Price: $8.00
Perfect tool to cut the cable ties from your reborn dolls.  

Great product for sealing eyes
Great product for setting magnets
Many other great uses as well!
Set of 4 Glass Jars, 5 oz each
(as shown in the A to Z reborn course from Shaylen Maxwell)
ModPodge Sealer Baby Tears
ModPodge Sealer
Price: $11.00
Baby Tears
Price: $11.95
Sealing hair, setting eyes, and more!

Baby Tears in a bottle drys as clear and wet looking as water.  We all remember the watery eyes and wet little noses that come with little baby's.  We also remember those little baby tears.  Now you can recreate those memories with Baby Tears in a bottle from Aleen's Paper glaze.  It goes on thick enough that it won't run all over the place when you use it.  You can even brush it on in multiple layers to make the wet look deeper and deeper.  This product will really add to your artist tool box when it comes to making realistic newborn babies.